A local school district now has a second School Resource Officer despite gifted funds still not received by the city.

Princeton Police Chief Chris King announced to the City Council that Nathan Herron, newly hired to fill the second SRO position, began Monday morning. Princeton Mayor Danny Beavers mentioned that he was still unsure when the city would receive the funds from the Hospital Taxing District Board but was confident funds could be allocated from other areas to cover the salary until the funds are available.

In September the Hospital Taxing District Board awarded the city $80,000 to be used toward a second SRO, to be dispersed over a two year period. The declaration of the awarding of funds had to be made available for public viewing before funds could be allocated to the city.

At a meeting Monday night the Council heard the first reading of an ordinance to update the city’s personnel pay plan concerning the second SRO position. The ordinance will be voted on during the next regular session meeting on Monday, November 19th.