Roy Gene Rogers and Senator Dorsey Ridley were in studio Tuesday morning to talk to WPKY about what’s happening in Frankfort.

Senator Ridley, speaking over the phone, explained to listeners about the usual process for budgets and bills to be passed in the state and how this recent legislative session skewed that process. He stated that while the process was still legal it did push the boundaries of what’s constitutional in Kentucky and that it should have been a highly transparent process. He then went into detail about what happened and what’s currently included in the budget, revenue, and pension bills.

Senator Ridley then stated that he voted against the budget because of the method in which it passed. The budget was compiled behind closed doors and did not go through open and frank conversations before being brought up for a vote. The budget was brought to the table with only a few hours for Senators to read the 291 page bill and proposed spending of more than $22 billion over the next two years. Senator Ridley did not feel comfortable voting on the budget merely because it was a requirement. He also mentioned that he did not think that legislators will override Governor Matt Bevin’s vetoes but that a special session will be called.

Senator Ridley then explained in detail some of the pension issues the state is facing and tried to clear some of the confusion about pension funds.

You can catch the full interview with Senator Dorsey Ridley and Roy Gene Rogers below.