Shane Bogle and Steven Schaffer from the Caldwell County Farmer’s Market were in studio Thursday morning to talk to WPKY about the Farmers Market.

Shane and Steven took a moment to remind listeners that the Caldwell County Farmers Market is still working on raising funds to build a permanent structure. Shane stated that there are grant funds available at the state level that are 50 percent matches thanks to phase one of the tobacco settlement funds. Matches do not have a set mark they can exceed but the community must show they have the promised funds before they can be approved for the grant. Shane thanked the City of Princeton for their donation of the land in front of the Senior Citizen’s Center and for the initial promise of funds; but, said that they still have a way to go before they’ll have enough to cover the project. He estimates that it will take about $140,000 to complete the project, which means the Farmers Market needs to raise at least $70,000. He assured listeners that the pavilion will be for the whole community’s use, not just the Farmers Market, and that it will highly benefit the community.

Steven then told listeners that summer vegetables will start popping up at the market soon, harvests were delayed because of the very rainy spring, but farmers are stating to catch up. He also reminded listeners that the Farmers Market is also open on Saturdays from 8AM to noon, Tuesdays from 11AM to 1PM, and Thursdays from 4 to 6PM.

You can catch the full interview with Shane Bogle and Steven Schaffer below.