Shane Bogle, Agent for Agriculture and Natural Resources at the UK Extension Office, was in studio Wednesday morning for WPKY’s weekly Extension Program.

Shane first reminded listeners that area farmers are still active in area fields. It’s currently the end of the wheat harvest season and large farm equipment is still traveling roads throughout the area. Shane reminded listeners to drive smart and to be vigilant.

Shane then told listeners about some upcoming events for farmers and farm dealers. On Tuesday, July 17th from 8:30AM to 4PM there will be a Sprayer Clinic at the UK Research and Education Center. The workshop will be a hands-on and in-depth training for large farm sprayers and will also cover things like drift management and fungicide management. Shane stated that the training will qualify for 4 and a half hours of continuing education credits and an hour and a half of crop management training. Shane also mentioned that there is a limited amount of space for participants so call the Extension Office at 270-365-2787 to register today.

The other upcoming event for farmers and farm dealers will be the UK Corn, Soybean, and Tobacco Field Day on Tuesday, July 24th at the Research and Education Center. Registration begins at 7AM with the first tours to start at 7:30AM. Lunch will be provided and continuing education credit hours will also be available for those who participate. For more information you can contact the Extension Office.

Shane then took a moment to talk about a summer nuisance, chiggers. Shane stated that chiggers are an immature stage of a mite that populate overgrown and humid shady areas, especially near streams and embankments. Shane then debunked a common myth, chiggers do not bore into the skin but instead attach to pores or hair follicles and then secrete saliva that seals them into the pore or follicle. The red whelp rash that many people experience are allergic reactions to the chiggers’ saliva and chiggers can stay in the pore or follicle for a couple weeks and as long as a couple of months. Shane stated that the best way to avoid chiggers to avoid the areas in which they congregate, but if that’s not possible, be sure to wear long pants and long sleeves when outside. Also, be sure to tuck your pants into your closed toed shoes. It’s also imperative that you shower and wash any clothes worn outside immediately after coming back indoors to remove any chiggers before they have a chance to attach. Also be sure to scrub your skin while in the shower as well as while you’re drying off to be sure you’ve removed any possible chiggers. For more information about how to avoid chiggers you can contact the Extension Office at 270-365-2787.

You can catch the full interview with Shane Bogle below.