Shane Bogle, Agent for Agriculture and Natural Resources at the UK Extension Office, was in studio Wednesday morning for WPKY’s weekly Extension Program.

Shane first reminded listeners that area farmers are out and about on roads and cautioned drivers to be vigilant and pay attention for slow moving and large farm equipment. Not only are farmers beginning to plant corn and soybeans, they’ll soon begin harvesting wheat and planting tobacco. Also, as we move into summer, farmers will be using planes and helicopters to spray crops, so small planes and helicopters will become commonplace over area fields.

Shane then stated that because of the slower rise in temperatures this spring cattle producers have been majorly affected. Currently the area is 100 growing degree days behind, which means cattle producers are still relying on supplements and stored forages to feed their herds. Shane explained that growing degree days signify how many days it will take for plants to mature; because the area is so behind on growing degree days, grass right now is below normal growth rate and does not contain the energy content needed for cattle. This can have adverse affects on the current breeding season because cattle are not bulking up in order to breed successfully. Shane then reminded cattle producers to not get ahead of the grass, supplements and stored forages will still be needed until grass can mature.

Shane then reminded farmers that there will be a Corn, Soybean, and Tobacco Field Day at the UK Research and Education Center in July, as well as a Sprayer Clinic on July 17th. For more information feel free to call the Extension Office at 270-365-2787.

You can catch the full interview with Shane Bogle below.