Steve Asher, local paranormal author, was in studio Tuesday morning to talk to WPKY about his newly released book, “Hauntings of the Western Lunatic Asylum.”

Steve told listeners that the book is a work of fiction but is based off of true encounters people have experienced. Names and most locations have been changed to keep anonymity but the essence of the stories themselves have not changed or been overly exaggerated.

Steve mentioned that one of the stories included in the book is about a devastating fire that destroyed many of the older original buildings. During the fire only one patient was lost. Workers attempted to get the patient out, but they refused, barricading themselves into a room. It is speculated that the patient was the one who started the fire. Over the years following rebuilding workers have complained about smelling smoke, even in the newly built buildings, and seeing a heavily burned figure making it’s way through hallways.

Steve also stated that several of the stories are sad and heartbreaking, mentioning that the institution was also used as a TB ward and housed orphans from the disease. A breezeway between buildings became known as “Orphan’s Outlook” because many children would play in the breezeway and would look out over the interstate longingly.

Steve then quickly mentioned that he has plans to release two more books. The third book will be about a Catholic compound and orphanage in Morganfield while the fourth book will be a followup of his first book about the Kentucky State Penitentiary in Eddyville. Steve also told listeners about his video blog, House of Asher, on YouTube. In the blog he talks about folks stories, ghost stories, interviews guests and more.

Steve has two upcoming book signings for “Hauntings of the Western Lunatic Asylum,” one will be Saturday, March 10th at Books on Main in Hopkinsville from 11AM to 1PM, the other will be at Readmore in Madisonville on Saturday, March 31st from noon to 2PM. His book is available at the Cat’s Tale Used Book Store in Princeton, Books on Main in Hopkinsville, Readmore in Madisonville, and online on Amazon. It’s also available in electronic book form as well.

You can catch the full interview with Steve Asher below.