This weekend the community will get a chance to immerse themselves in local history during the 10th Annual Ghost Walk.

The annual event, organized by the Caldwell County Genealogy Society, will be held on Saturday, September 29th at Cedar Hill Cemetery in Princeton.

Genealogy Society member Maggie Gammon stressed that the event is a way for the community to learn about the history of Princeton. 

Characters, or “residents” of Cedar Hill, change from year to year and have included notorious characters like Mr. Ed Daniel and Colonel Pickering, who were involved in a duel in the building that currently houses StringBeans Coffee, and the Cox Sisters, who were murdered by their father’s girlfriend around 1938. This year will include Mrs. Daniel who will reveal a different side to the duel and Mrs. Kelly who lost six children to the influenza outbreak 100 years ago. Each character is chosen by Linda Ward, Director of the Glenn E. Martin Genealogy Library. 

All tours are $5, 12 and under are free, and are guided, with the first to begin at 6PM Saturday night.

Tours for 6PM and 7:30PM are full, but the other tour times are still open. To make reservations call 270-625-2226.

For more information you can watch the full interview with Maggie Gammon and Robert Ward below.