Princeton will see a new face in city hall after Dakota “Kota” Young pulled off an upset of Danny Beavers in the Mayor’s race.

Kota Young garnered 1,309 votes to win eight of nine precincts, including absentees, compared to 820 votes for Danny Beavers.

Young told WPKY News that he is excited to have a chance to serve the people of Princeton.

Young said he will focus on jobs and drug addiction during his term as Mayor.

Meanwhile, Princeton City Council will see two new members following Tuesday’s election. The six candidates with the highest vote totals earned the chance to serve for another two year term.

Sheila Gates was at the top of the list with 1,562 votes, followed by Jim Joiner with 1,500 votes, Brian Conger with 1,388 votes, Pat George with 1,313 votes, Morgan Rousseau with 1,293 votes, and Carl Copeland with 1,227 votes.