It’s an election year and that means plentiful yard signs.

To allow freedom of speech while also keeping city streets safe and orderly, the Princeton City Council has updated their Code of Ordinances concerning temporary signage.

At a regular session meeting Monday the Council unanimously approved changes to how temporary signs can be displayed in the city.

According to the Code of Ordinances all temporary signs, whether they be political signs or not, must be set back a minimum of twenty-five feet from the centerline of the adjacent road or ten feet from the right-of-way, whichever is the greatest distance. Temporary signs also can’t be bigger than eight square feet and must allow for visibility at any intersection they may be placed at. Temporary signs can only be posted 60 days prior to the event they are advertising and must be taken down no later than 7 days after the event ends. It is against city ordinances to post any temporary signs on utility poles.

Any sign that violates these provisions can be removed by city personnel and the person who posted the sign will be subject to penalties.