Two businesses suffered major flooding after a water main broke Tuesday morning.

Sometime around 9:30AM a water main busted near Coleman’s Shoe Store in downtown Princeton and sent water flooding into the basements of two nearby businesses, the Glenn E. Martin Genealogy Library and Capitol Cinemas.

Linda Ward, Director of the Genealogy Library told WPKY that the basement housed such things as costumes donated for the annual Ghost Walk, newspaper articles from 2008 and later, a World War II uniform, Christmas decorations and more. 

Damage to precious historical items will not be able to be determined until all the water is removed. It could easily take a couple days to remove the 8 feet or more of water from the Genealogy Library’s basement. Capitol Cinemas will be closed until Friday afternoon to access the damage to their basement and to clean up.

Princeton Water and Wastewater Superintendent James Noel told WPKY that the accident wasn’t any one person’s fault but rather attributed it to the recent dry weather followed by intense rainfall over the past weekend. 

Crews worked for several hours to fix the leak and pump water away from the affected areas. The leak was fixed around 2:30PM.