William C. Carrington III, Democratic Candidate for Caldwell County Judge Executive, was in studio Monday morning to talk to WPKY about his campaign.

William told listeners that he was born and raised in Caldwell County on a diary farm and currently helps rehabilitate restaurants, helping them get back on their feet and back in the black. Throughout his life he has worked and lived in Kentucky, elsewhere in the US, and abroad, managed businesses, sat on Boards of Directors, been president and vice-president of companies and held many leadership positions. He also volunteers for the American Red Cross, helping locally and across the nation.

William stated that his goals as Judge Executive would be to include representation for all, equalized pay for women, expanding childcare, growing business, improving the services of the local animal shelter, developing a Christian theme park to draw tourists and travelers from I-69, and developing a parking garage for the downtown Princeton area. He also intends to be a strong voice in support of local law enforcement and first responders and to keep taxes low for the citizens of Caldwell County.

William then mentioned that he was unable to attend the forum for Democratic Candidates for Judge Executive on Saturday but sent a representative with his answers to several questions, however, he was unable to answer the question asked that night. So he took the time to answer it in studio. The question was asked on how he proposed paying for the downtown parking garage and the Christian Theme Park without raising taxes and what economic benefit either of them would bring to the county. William stated that the parking garage would pay for itself over the course of it’s use. His plans are to build the two to three level garage in the lot beside Joseph’s Storage Bin’s current location, which would allow downtown businesses to have ample parking. Fees would be set in place and those who use it would pay to park. The garage could collect fees on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. As for the Christian Theme Park, William would look for people to invest in the project with a return when it’s paid for. In turn, revenue from tourist dollars will benefit Caldwell County and will keep taxes from being raised.

If anyone has any questions or wants more information about his campaign, you can contact William at 270-350-3222 or by emailing him at carrington4judgeexec@hotmail.com.

You can catch the full interview with William C. Carrington III below.